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 Adcon Engineering (Pvt) Limited has become a popular name in the regional building services industry as a leading company providing the building services for commercial and industrial sector. As a dedicated service sector organization, Adcon Engineering focuses on ensuring quick response to customer requirements with trained electrical, mechanical, IT and civil technical personnel 7 days the week.
 Once the company progressed towards electrical engineering, a new division, LV switchgear manufacturing division was formed and it was later expanded with the aim to deliver complete cable management systems and floor trunking systems for any kind of building. There is an increasing demand for this product due to its quality, the price competitiveness as well as the speedy delivery. In addition, the electrical division of the company is also engaged in importing major brands of electrical accessories. The company also involved in design, installation, maintenance and testing works for electrical installations, lightening protection systems, standby power systems in all industrial and commercial requirements. Adcon Engineering (Pvt) Limited has recently moved to providing lighting solutions and especially we are in the process of offering many products and energy management systems through LED, solar and other sustainable approaches for energy saving.

Products & Services Range

    1. Design and construction of electrical installation systems

    2. Manufacturing of Electrical Panel Boards (All Types)

    3. Design and construction of Lightning Protection Systems

    4. Energy saving Lighting Solutions (LED, Solar etc.)

    5. Design and construction of CCTV systems, Data Networks and Telephone systems

    6. Design and construction of plumbing systems

    7. Civil construction Works